Marie Chain, from a young age fell in love with the essence of music, the sound of the grand piano and the depths of soul and blues.

She experimented with different musical ingredients, matured in the wooden barrels of blues next to the smokyness of jazz, followed by mouth watering disco funk.

On educational trips to New York, London and Barcelona she refined her blend.

Over time, she added hard cutting sound of electro, rounding off the copper-colored chasms of the soul, the maturation process and the musical palate.


It all depends on the right mix.

The upcoming Marie Chain album in 2018 is a distilled treat of bourbon barrel-aged blues, fiery electro-disco funk and soul.

Be captivated by her unique strong voice, funky grooves, the depth of Soul and the roughness of Blues.




various radio plays (including Jazzradio Berlin, Radio 88.8, MDR culture)

Concerts on the Montreux Trail Festival

Support tour with La Brass Banda

"All we've got" - EP 2016, produced by Charles Reeves (worked with Ray Charles,

James Brown, Grace Jones, The Rolling Stones)

120% success rate in crowdfunding for the upcoming album produced by Vicente Celi

at Phlexton Studios Berlin (worked with Flo Mega, BRKN, Pentatones, Culcha Candela, etc)