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Tim was born in Saxony (East Germany) and moved to Berlin many years ago to study. There he met Marie Chain 3 years ago in a jam session. Since then they´ve been playing many shows together across Europe and finally recorded 2016 the EP "All We´ve Got" in London.

The clever man is doing his 3rd degree now and is touring with numerous music projects through Germany and Europe.

He´s the good soul of the band – engaged, sovereign, always friendly and endeavoured.

Not a day goes by without a "Good morning" or "Nado Vodki".

Gonzalo Pinan De Mingo


bass player of Marie Chain, soundtrack composer, actor, teacher, director, human

Gonzalo was born and raised in Madrid (Spain).

There he studied psychology, music and theater.

4 years ago he moved to Berlin. Since then he created "EsImproEscuela", an impro theater school and is a member of the successful improtheater company "Berlin Es Impro".

He started to direct and act in improvised movies.

3 years ago he toured with Marie Chain through Spain followed by concerts in whole Germany and Switzerland.

In 2016 he went with Marie Chain to London for the recordings of the EP "All We´ve Got".

He says: "I wish that we all can listen and take better care of the planet!"

Gonzalo is the "glue" of the band - he holds the band and music together as a groovy bass player and the special human being he is.

Tim Lehnert


drummer of Marie Chain, student, teacher, psychologist, good soul

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Vladimir Spiridonov


guitarist of Marie Chain,

guitar god, artist of life, diplomat

Vladimir was born many years ago in Moscouw (Russia).

He graduated from the studies "Jazz Guitar" at "International School of Jazz" and moved 2014 to Berlin.

Since then he is the guitarist of Marie Chain und travels with the band across Europe.

The expert in "finger style", a guitar technique, plays almost daily all around Berlin.

He is the balance of the band – observant, pragmatic, calm, careful and mischievous.

Vladi, what do think of that?: "No money, no funny".

Inka Dorette Ebert


saxophonist of Marie Chain, power lady, teacher, grace

Berlin-born Inka has played after 28 years in pretty much all famous places of Berlin.

After her degree in music and her teaching studies she moved outside the city centre into nature to celebrate freedom.

She met Marie Chain 3 years ago at a womenband project. Yes, right, womenband: lady power with heart and soul according to the motto "No can do – not with us".

Inka has been teaching and touring with various projects through the country.

She is the so-called "grace" of the band: angelic, warm and optimistic.

Her motto: "All you need is love".

Yuliesky Gonzales


trumpet player, newcomer, lion, ahu

The temparamental Yuliesky comes from the province of Camagüey, Kuba. There he studied trumpet in style of Jazz/Salsa and is one of the rising musical exports of Cuba.

Led by the music he moved to Paris 7 years ago, in the same year to Berlin.

He is performing world wide, the suitcase is his home.

Yuliesky ist the newcomer of the band – he came, he saw and we let him go never again.

He says: "Do you find yourself as a good one? Then love, everything is good".

Alejandro Marulanda


piano, sounds & backing vocals, master, pioneer

Alejandro has been around a lot: born in Columbia (south america), where he studied classical piano, he moved 6 years ago to Europe for the music.

For some time he lived in Paris and since 2011 in Berlin.

Here he plays with different bands, produces and composes for international artists.

He met Marie Chain 2 years ago in the "Berlin United Jam Session", a mulitgenre Jam Session Marie once organized.

Alejandro is the "pioneer" of the band – he brings new sounds and ideas, always friendly and smiling according to his life motto: "You always get what you feel inside and what you give".

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